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I couldn’t believe how little I knew about the women in the lineage of Jesus Christ until I read this book. I always had a rather shallow understanding about them as either virtuous or wicked. But what I learned is that all of them wanted to be good daughters of God. Some were able to hold fast to their values, and some struggled with temptations and distractions. But they ALL were forgiven and loved, and became valiant in their faith.

These stories are about real women. Jo Ann Skousen has brought them to life, as if they were our neighbors; their families and our families share amazing kinship with each other. In reading this book, their struggles become very familiar, thanks to Jo Ann’s fascinating approach to describing the details of their lives. I found myself relating to what they were going through with the problems in my own life, and those of my mother and sisters. The essential issues in life seem never to change, and when you live in these women’s circumstances, and learn how they overcame obstacles, you will comprehend answers to your own problems. Every one of these women’s stories left me with a feeling of great hope, and certainty that there is a loving God and Savior wanting to help us reach the great goal of returning to our heavenly surroundings.

I believe that men and women everywhere will love these women, since they will grow to know them as they would any friend today. There is so much to appreciate about them: their gentle spirits, clever social skills, loyalty to their families, bravery against tormentors, and great strength in all aspects of living. These women are wonderful examples of how to be valiant in these modern times. I repeat: The essential issues in life seem never to change. I love this book!

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Reading Matriarchs of the Messiah was eye popping. Stories and lessons came into focus with the prose. The analysis of these women, their motivations, their ambitions, their strengths, their weaknesses, and their skills as ezerim kenegdo provided so many ‘aha’ moments it was almost embarrassing…. Whether it was because it enhanced my rudimentary understanding of the topic and my natural inclination to love learning, or because it spoke to my inherent love for the Savior….I’m not sure. But, I LOVED IT.”

5.0 out of 5 stars

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. It was a very interesting combination of scholarship and storytelling. Ms. Skousen clearly has deep knowledge of the subject and, I’d warrant, much practice in sharing it for spiritual illumination and to impart moral lessons.

I loved how she tied the old “stories,” re-imagined and reinterpreted, to modern life (with a feminist twist). The voice of the Sunday school teacher came through loud and clear. But this voice held relevance not just for children; but for grownups as well. I “heard” that one can (and ought to) have agency even if of lower status; that one is not powerless, even if others (males, masters) have more power. And, she resurrected the rep of some maligned women!

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I was thrilled and inspired by this book. it was well researched and finely crafted. subject not often approached but certainly needed.

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