From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday–A Special Remembrance for Easter Week

Palm Sunday

What would you do if you knew you had just one week left on earth? The parables Jesus taught between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday reveal much about what was on His mind in those final days.

During Easter week I like to read through the Four Gospels and reflect on what the Savior did on each of His final days. He cleansed the temple, taught several important parables, prophesied of the Last Days, and spent treasured evenings in the home of his dearest friends. He prepared for the agony of Gethsemane, the scourging of the guards, and the crucifixion by celebrating the Passover with his Apostles and establishing the symbol of the sacrament that would represent His flesh and blood.

I have gone through the Four Gospels and sorted out the scriptures for each day of Jesus’s final week, beginning with His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. (Well, I actually like to begin with the story of Lazarus raised from the dead in John 11, because I think that’s part of the Easter story too.) The reading schedule is listed below. I hope you will join me for a very special Easter Week remembrance as you read about what happened each day and contemplate the great love and sacrifice our Savior has for you.

I pray that we may each feel the Spirit of the Lord as we contemplate the gift of His infinite love and Atonement.

John 11:1—12:11

Palm Sunday:
Mark 11:1-11
Matthew 21: 1-17
Luke 19:29-40

Mark 11:12-19
Matthew 21:18 – 22:46
Luke 19:41-48; 20
John 12:20-26 (John doesn’t give a clearly chronological account, so these are approximations)

Mark 11:20 – 13:37
Matthew 23:1-26:16
Luke 21
John 12:27-50

Nothing is reported for Wednesday. Many people suggest that He spent Wednesday by Himself in prayer or with His family

Mark 14:12—15:47
Matthew 26:17—27:66
Luke 22-23
John 13-18

Easter morning:
Mark 16
Matthew 28
Luke 24
John 20 (my favorite chapter in the New Testament!)

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